Mark Andrews

Born in Hobart, Tasmania

Mark studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the City Art Institute / College of Fine Art, (UNSW). He completed a Diploma of Art (Painting Prize – Distinction) at Hornsby TAFE in Sydney – studying Painting, Drawing, Art History and Photography under Peter Godwin, Madeline Halliday, Valerie Olsen, Christine Cornish, Simon Laverty and Bela Ivanyi. He studied Sculpture at Sydney’s Meadowbank TAFE for 2 years with Michael Buzacott and also attended “Life Drawing” classes at the Brisbane Institute of Art, in Queensland.

As a keen Gallery enthusiast, Mark attends many Galleries and Museums both here and abroad He’s also a keen investor of Art, particularly Aboriginal and Modern Art and after 30+ years in corporate life, Mark returned to his true passion – painting and drawing full-time, creating artworks from his studios in Brisbane and Sydney.

His first group exhibition since Art College, “Four Corners of Art” (Fortitude Valley in Brisbane, 2010), and he’s continued to produce commission works ever since. Mark has sold a large number of artworks to Corporate Groups and his drawings have also featured in several Brisbane Grammar School Art Shows, which show-cases 100 visual artists, and includes approximately 600 works each year, making it the largest single collection of art for sale by established Queensland artists.

In 2014, Mark painted a portrait of good friend, Hugh Jackman, for the Archibald prize. In 2018, he painted a portrait of Alice Williams – acknowledging her selection in the Australian Women’s Water Polo Team. He has painted a portrait of prominent Queensland Surgeon, Assoc. Professor Dr Richard Williams, for the Archibald Prize and has painted landscapes for the Wynne Landscape Prize (associated with the Archibald), and the Glover Prize – the most prestigious Landscape Art Prize; (these pieces will be available for sale at his upcoming exhibition). In 2021 he entered the Archibald again, with an abstract, self-portrait, and was recently commissioned to paint a portrait of Tom Forrester, Qld Property Developing giant.

In 2019, Mark held his first solo Exhibition, “Wanderlust” at Percolator Gallery (now Latrobe Art Space / Lethbridge Gallery, in Paddington, Brisbane). Mark had produced these artworks over a 9 year period, inspired by his passion for travelling and his appreciation of colour, movement and design. Mark was thrilled to have Hugh attend this exhibition, in between his own Australian “The Man, The Music, The Show” events, purchasing several pieces for his Manhattan and Hamptons’ properties. A fifth drawing was purchased, as a ‘thank you gift’ for Keala Settle, for her involvement in his World Tour which Mark presented (along with a personal signature work), to Keala, before their final Brisbane Show. These artworks now hang on the walls of her Los Angeles home.

Mark headed back to his studio – producing new works, including commissions and also sold several sales from his website collection, www.markandrews.co. ‘Thanks’ partly to the 2yrs of lockdowns and travel restrictions, Mark was able to concentrate the majority of his time, creating new paintings and drawings, for his largest exhibition to date (numbers of pieces), held in May 2021, “Expressive Therapy”, at the Petrie Terrace Gallery (Royal Queensland Art Society), in Brisbane. It’s understood that the 50 artworks sold, is still this Gallery’s most successful solo Art exhibition – to date.

Moving back to Sydney in late 2021, Mark worked on another portfolio of work, and held another successful solo Exhibition titled “Organised Chaos” at ARO Gallery in Darlinghurst in February 2022, showcasing a variety of styles. He then travelled throughout the USA and whilst in New York, Mark received 3 commissions for paintings. Once completed, these were freighted to their new home in London, UK. Buoyed by the success of Mark’s Sydney show and motivated by his Patrons, Mark was encouraged to exhibit in Melbourne for the first time. He hired a large van and with his daughter Lucy, drove his collection from Sydney.

The October 2022 show, “Effervescence”, was held at Collingwood’s trendy @14 Gallery and included many new works of Melbourne, various travel destinations inspired by recent trips abroad, amongst others. The turnout was humbling and resulted in the show being his highest grossing exhibition, to date.

Earlier this year, Mark embarked on a trip of a lifetime to India and Singapore, which has resulted in several works for his recent Sydney Show at Comber Street Studios in Paddington, titled “Reflection”. Mark ‘reflected’ upon his true passions – art and travel – painting images from his travels and experiences, his love of the Australian landscape and his admiration for his favourite Australian Painters.

Excited to be returning to Brisbane in March 2024 for another exhibition at the Petrie Terrace Gallery. Stay tuned…


Mark’s artworks are represented in corporate and private collections throughout Australia, the UK, USA, Spain, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia. Mark has now sold 150 artworks from his last 5 solo exhibitions (this number excludes online sales and all commissions). He has also donated his works to various charities, including “Gotcha 4 Life” (an important charity established to increase mental fitness and to help end suicide in Australia).



Australian Exhibitions

Year     Details

1987    Group Exhibition                                                                                                          Hornsby TAFE,                                                                                                              Sydney NSW

1988    Group Exhibition                                                                                                          City Art Institute,                                                                                                          Sydney NSW

2010    Group Exhibition                                                                                                          “Four Corners of Art” The Exhibition Space,                                                      Fortitude Valley, Brisbane QLD

2011    Group Exhibition                                                                                                          “Momentum” Brisbane Grammar School Art Show,                                        Spring Hill, Brisbane QLD

2012    Group Exhibition                                                                                                          “If” Brisbane Grammar School Art Show,                                                            Spring Hill, Brisbane QLD

2013    Group Exhibition                                                                                                          “Illuminate” Brisbane Grammar School Art Show,                                            Spring Hill, Brisbane QLD

2014    Group Exhibition                                                                                                          “Sapphire” Brisbane Grammar School Art Show,                                              Spring Hill, Brisbane QLD

2015    Group Exhibition                                                                                                          “Discover” Brisbane Grammar School Art Show,                                              Spring Hill, Brisbane QLD

2019    Solo Exhibition                                                                                                              “Wanderlust” Percolator Gallery (Latrobe Art Space),                                    Paddington, Brisbane QLD

2021    Solo Exhibition                                                                                                              “Expressive Therapy” Royal Qld Art Society,                                                      Petrie Terrace, Brisbane QLD

2021    Group Exhibition                                                                                                          “131st Members Annual 2021” Royal Qld Art Society,                                    Petrie Terrace, Brisbane QLD

2022    Solo Exhibition                                                                                                            “Organised Chaos” ARO Gallery,                                                                          Darlinghurst, Sydney NSW

2022    Solo Exhibition                                                                                                             “Effervescence” @14 Gallery,                                                                                 Collingwood, Melbourne VIC

2023    Solo Exhibition                                                                                                             “Reflection” Comber Street Studios Art Gallery,                                               Paddington, Sydney NSW

2024    Solo Exhibition… Coming Soon                                                                             Royal Qld Art Society,                                                                                                  Petrie Terrace, Brisbane QLD



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